setting: it’s early morning and i’m driving tiff to her bus stop. the sunlight is glaring against the partially fogged-up windshield as i deftly maneuver around 3 city buses and a school bus. i play the role of tofu and tiff plays the role of tiff.

tiff: (squinting) how can you see past the sun?

tofu: i can’t see past the sun. the sun’s like a billion miles away.

tiff: ok, jerk.

tofu: there’s no way i could see past the sun.

tiff: …

tofu: i can see further than the sun.

tiff: …

tofu: every night when the stars come out, they are further out than the sun.

tiff: …

tofu: though technically, it’s not the stars i am seeing, but the light that left it millions of years ago. so in fact, i’m not seeing the stars, only the light that has just now reached the earth.

tiff: …

tofu: but the same is true for the sun. i’m not seeing the sun, just the light that left it. so i’m not really seeing further than the sun.

tiff: …

tofu: so what does it mean “to see” something? we’re never actually seeing anything, just the light that is reflected off of it.

tiff: …

tofu: hmmm…..

tiff: …

tofu: i think i’ll blog about this.

tiff: …

~ fin ~

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  1. Conroy Says:

    are you seeing light generated by the sun or light reflected off of the sun?

  2. Conroy Says:

    what’s up with the oppression

  3. tofuji Says:

    both. the sun was in front of us, and the fog/condensation spread out the blinding light across the windshield, making it hard to see anything.

    there’s been moderation for a long time now. i think once one of your comments have been approved, you no longer see the moderation widget. i think it’s tied to cookies or email addresses or both.

  4. Gene Says:

    I think you should start a one-man show. :)

  5. tofuji Says:

    that would be one man more than in the audience :p

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