i dunno if i should buy these sandals.



  • it’s black, and black goes with everything.
  • it’s less than $20, and cheap goes with my wallet.
  • the bottom is shaped like a sneaker, which is good for when i’m running from the po po.
  • the company name is “veggies”! so i can be all like, “yeah, the only place veggies belong are either in or on the ground; not all my plate.” ok, it sounded cleverer (more clever?) in my head.
  • it’s got holes, which is useful for when i’m in a burt ward kinda mood.
  • funky design = funky foot tan, though i’m hardly out enough to get a tan these days.


  • i already have sandals (as beat-up as they may be)
  • i can’t tell if they’re ugly. i’ve got no fashion sense.

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  1. Conroy Says:


    ugly is relative anyway

  2. Gene Says:


    I like the sneaker-like bottom, but am suspicious if these are comfortable or good for your feet/back. Not into the holes… Too Croc-like; just get a pair of crocs – they are comfortable and the Bistro model doesn’t have holes, but have a non-slip sole. I wear the brown one for work – on my feet for 12 hours and still feel great. :)


  3. tofuji Says:

    and the end result was… http://blog.iscreamsundays.com/?p=311

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