woke up 9/14 morning with a slight throbbing on the left side. it somehow switched to left right side later in the day, and then after some time it wasn’t really localized on any speficular side. it was minor, so at first i didn’t take any medicine. it started getting worse in the afternoon, so i decided to take some medicine. i was second guessing whether or not it was an actual migraine and finally decided that it wasn’t since it wasn’t affecting one particular side and i wasn’t experiencing photophobia. i took excedrin sinus on a hunch that it might have been a sinus headache instead, but found that the medicine had expired. i knew that medicine doesn’t actually go bad when it expires, it only loses its potency, so i took a bit more than directed. the medicine didn’t help at all, so i went to bed early-ish (around 10pm?). woke up 9/15 2am with a really bad headache and nausea, so i took excedrin migraine, and it went away within a few hours (just in time to start getting ready for work).

surrounding circumstances: i don’t remember. nothing that stands out in my mind. i’ve been pretty bad about keeping this journal. i’m only recording this to remind myself next time not to second guess my headache and go straight for the excedrin migraine. i had tried excedrin sinus & excedrin tension before with no effect. stick with what works!

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