recently i’ve developed a weird… development. no matter where i am, i smell old cigarette smoke. at first i thought it was someone at the office who might have come in after smoking, but then i started to smell it at home too when no one else was around. sometimes it even makes my eyes water and makes me cough, as if someone was smoking near me. it seems i’m not alone in this:

naturally, my runaway train of an imagination assumed there was a fire in the “real world” and that’s what we were smelling here in the matrix, but it’s been over a week now and i’m pretty sure the robots should have taken care of that problem by now.

so yeah, i get all of the stale cigarette smell and none of the nice relaxing effect that nicotine provides. i wish it could have at least been pipe smoke. i love the smell of pipe smoke, but i’ve no desire to start pipe smoking. marijuana’s sweet smell would be better too. cigarettes make me nauseous and i think this phantom smell might have caused at least one headache.

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