so we’ve been potty training ada for a while now, and at this stage since she can’t actually walk on her own, it’s more like we’re the ones being trained as we regularly stop what we’re doing to bring her to the potty. or so i thought.

sunday morning, as i was feeding her, she looked directly at me and started patting her diaper. i thought maybe she was signaling that she had pooped. i brought her into the room and peeked in her diaper and saw nothing. shrugging it off, i brought her back outside to continue feeding her. as i sat down, i thought maybe she was signaling that she wanted to poop. so i brought her back in right away and opened up her diaper to find a small amount of poop. i placed her on the potty and she happily sat there and pooped away. i’ll have to keep an eye out to see if she tries to signal me the same way again.

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