i was looking a product that had chinese packaging, and so everything was in chinese except for the following bold text: “100% PE!”

not knowing much about the product, i could only guess what it meant. at this point, the conversation in my head (yes, i have them. that’s the sort of thing i do.)went something like this:

a: “well, that must be good. it’s in bold.”
b: “wait, what? you don’t even know what it means.”
a: “yeah, but it’s bold. clearly, people want 100% PE. an ivory soap level of PE is insufficient. why else would they display it so prominently?”
b: “according to your logic, household chemicals that display hazardous materials warnings with a skull and crossbones on it are promoting themselves in this way.”
a: “well, if i were buying drain cleaner and one product said, “environmentally friendly” and the other said, “warning: inhalation may cause instant death, ” i’m going for instant death because you know that stuff’s going to get the job done.”
b: “… you’ve got problems.”
a: “maybe, but my drains are free of clogs.”

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