I’ve never given much thought to New Year’s Resolutions. For one thing, considering January as the start of the year seems pretty arbitrary. Why January? Why not March, so that Leap Day could be an end of year bonus day? That also has the nice side effect of making September through December the 7th to 10th months, as they should be.

I suppose no matter what, you have to pick a month to start the year, so any will do, but why make resolutions at that point? If it’s something you really should be doing anyway, why wait? It’s the same reason I don’t do holidays in general. One special day to make up for a year of neglect? (I’m looking at you, St. Valentine’s Day) Lame.

Some believe that the origin of April Fools Day has to do with the switching of the start of the year from April to January, and those who continued to celebrate the new year were considered “April Fools.” I have no idea if this is true, but it’s good enough for me. Here are my New Year resolutions.

1) Blog more. My previous post was in August 2010. I’ve had a 2nd kid since then! I can’t even blame it on him. I’m just lazy. I’ve installed an app on my phone to blog on (I’m on it right now), so perhaps the convenience will help (though I doubt it since I don’t like typing on a touch screen).

2) Get in shape. Yes, yes, round is a shape, but that’s not what I mean (this time). I want to be more physically fit. Heck, I get winded just saying, “stairs, ” let alone taking it. Of course, I don’t plan on changing my diet to achieve this. Just adding some exercise is good enough. In line with my belief that if you should be doing something anyway there’s no reason to wait, I’ve actually started on this resolution about 2 weeks ago. I’m using the Tabata method. More on (ha, I said, “moron”) that in a future blog post (allegedly).

3) KIT. I suck at keeping in touch with people. I’m a terrible conversationalist and just generally awkward with social stuff, so it feels unnatural to me to email people for no particular reason. I will though. Or at least I’ll try. Maybe.

4) Personal development projects. This does not mean I plan to develop a personality. :p I don’t even mean that I plan to develop myself as a person. What I mean is that there are some programs I’d like to develop on my own time. Of course, this means finding “my own time.” That makes this resolution the least likely to happen. Oh well.

The nice thing about making these resolutions today is that in a couple months time, after I have abandoned all my resolutions, I can tell myself it was all just an elaborate April Fools prank my subconscious mind pulled on my conscious mind. He’s such a trickster.

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